Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Morning Post: Mash-Up Edition

Finished another short story yesterday. It's called The Loft, and I'm hoping it'll be included in an anthology of horror stories. Never tried to write a scary story before, and I have no sense of how successful I was this time. It's good to stretch, though.
                                                                       (Burnsie the dog discovers his passion for gardening.)
So spending yesterday wrestling with the laptop has me inclined towards blogs with a writing theme for today's mash-up. First, you should check out Sara W. Foster's post
Married To Her Father's Foe. It's a true story from the American Revolution, and I gotta think there's a historical fiction writer out there who'll be truly inspired by it.

Next, you should check out this post by A. Victoria Mixon: 3 Things To Know About Exposition & Telling. Victoria's an editor, writer, and blogger, and I love her posts because she's so smart and she says such intelligent things about writing. This post examines how the contemporary fascination with exposition is effecting what gets published, and in a later post she looks at some of the reasons why. Both of them are worth checking out.

Triberr introduced me to Melodie Wright, who blogs at Forever Rewriting. She's been involved in the A to Z Challenge - blogging on a different letter of the alphabet every day of the month of April, and you should look at her post K is for: keeping faith.  It includes a Vlog interview with NYT bestselling author Beth Revis and it's the most encouraging piece about failure you'll ever see.

This next one isn't exactly writing-related, but Julie Farrar wrote a thought-provoking piece about the Ashley Judd controversy in Who's the Worst Enemy of Women Julie's post contains a link to the essay Ms. Judd wrote about how women get unfairly judged by their appearance at every turn. Given that I'm turning 50 later this week, the whole kerfufle is really resonating, and Julie does a good job of expanding on the points Ms Judd makes.

Then, for something completely different, take a look at Ann Cory's Bawdy Talk - Sweet Saturday Sample . Her snippet's a tease, and I loved it. Her A to Z Challenge posts all show pics of dreamy vacation spots, and I liked this week's Six Sentence Sunday post, too, but it was a little too naughty for my PG rating. You can go there if you like. I won't tell...


Debbie Christiana said...

Hi Liv,

I'm sure The Loft will make it into the anthology. Can't wait to read it ;)

I thought Ashley Judd looked wonderful and don't know what everyone was talking about.

Happy Birthday. I've been 50 for six months now and I don't feel any different than I did at 49 or 45 or 40. Age is just a number. Enjoy!!


Firetulip said...

Hi Liv,

Enjoyed reading your post. Writing scary stories, I tried once, still have it in my files somewhere. Not sure how good it is.
And as far as turning 50 or any age for that matter, you know there's only one other alternative. So considering it, I think getting old(er) is a natural thing.

Tami Clayton said...

Kudos to you on finishing a short story! I'm impressed. And Happy Birthday to you! We'll have to celebrate when I see you in May. :)

seattleshannon said...

Congrats on the horror short! Can't wait to check it out.

Liv said...

Thanks Deb! Good to know that turning 50 is something I'll overcome.

Liv said...

Thanks for checking out the post, Zrinka. I'm not sure what makes a good scary story, but am trying to learn with this one!

Liv said...

Yep. There are a couple pints with our names on them, Tami...after we spend an appropriate amount of time at Powells Books!

Liv said...

Oh, Shannon, I'm sure you'll get the chance in the next little while.

Sara Walpert Foster said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out. I haven't read any of the other posts yet but plan to tonight. I'm impressed that you are so open to trying out new types of fiction writing. Short stories are definitely the way to test things out. Loved your pirate story btw. I hope you'll share this one some time. :)

Sara Walpert Foster said...

Or maybe you've shared it and I'm just dense today. And happy birthday!

Liv said...

Sara...I'm treating this stage of my writing like graduate school. I'm trying new things and learning what I can from whoever I connect with. I'm so glad you liked the pirate story...hopefully this one will end up as successful.

Ellen Gregory said...

eeek, I've been trying to stay clear of mashups, because they lead me astray... and now you've done it! Congratulations on the Short story completion & good luck with having it published!!

Liv said...

Thanks Ellen! There are worse ways of frittering away time...

Tam Linsey said...

Thank you for the links. And congrats on stretching your writing skills! I hope to see The Loft in the anthology.

Cora said...

So your birthday is a cusp sign (Taurus or Aries)-which sign? Happy Birthday. By the way, last night I read your SS in the BITES anthology. Loved your humor. Nice going.

Will have to check out these blogs you mentioned later on. Thanks, Always love a new blog.

Liv said...

I'm not sure which sign officially, Cora. I've always said it depended on my mood. Maybe Aries?
Thanks for reading Tangled Dreams, & for checking out my post.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on finishing your first scary story! Tackling a new genre or style is tough for me. So I admire your willingness to extend your writing out of your comfort zone. Let us know when the anthology is out. I like a good scare every now and then.

I really appreciate your eclectic compilation of reading recommendations. The Forever Rewriting post definitely resonated. Good stuff!