Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fun

Happy Friday! I'm happy it's Friday, although it means my week of vacation is almost over. And since I've had a week off, my brain isn't working right and I'm having trouble thinking of funny things to say.
Noni, save me!
Well, actually, she already did. She sent this video over a day or so ago. Come with us on a little trip to Mother Russia. Or Alabama. One of the two. And as you watch the video, ask yourself whether those hairstyles are supposed to look like Elvis or if they're just happy to see us.


  1. Wow...those are some hairstyles, all right.

  2. Heh.
    {shakes head}
    Thanks for checking out the post, Mike.

  3. The more I watched the video, the weirder it got. Shoes that matched their hair, shark guitar, Russian soldiers for back up singers--way weird.

  4. Right,Cora, but it's the weirdness that makes me laugh. Don't know what that tells you about me...
    Thanks for checking in!