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Friday Fiction - The Ring Toss Pt 8

A last-minute change lands Mack in a long white dress, but can she commit?

Only one post after this one! If you're just stumbling over my blog, you can read the earlier installments here: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -  Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Mack's been cast to play a bridesmaid in an equity-waiver production of "Something Borrowed, Something Blue", but at the last minute she's upgraded to the role of Brittney, The Bride. It's a tough gig for a woman with a wedding phobia, especially since her boyfriend Joe's not around to talk her off the ledge. And who knew dancing with a stripper could cause such angst?

The Play – Something Borrowed, Something Blue: A Bachelorette’s Adventure

Director: Dusty Squires
Assistant to the Director: Donald Loudemilk

Brittney (the bride): Mackenzie Reed
Mara (the maid of honor): Geneva Louise
Kenley (the bride’s sister): Dusty Squires
Caitlyn (the bridesmaid): Cheyenne Miller
Salvatore (the stripper): Julio Lorenze
Pete (the groom): Julio Lorenze

And then came the scene Geneva and I had rehearsed in the dressing room, the one where Brittney starts out crying. Funny thing about those tears. This time they were real. I managed to tamp them down enough to get through the lines at the end, but when I hit the wings it was Niagara Falls time. I ran through the backstage area, dodging people and equipment like some high school running back. I didn’t stop until I hit the back door.

Outside in the dark humidity, I pressed my knuckles up against my eye sockets as I fought for control. I tried hard not to rub so I wouldn’t smear my mascara too badly. The big eyes of the dark-skinned cartoon lady stared down at me from the brick wall. I loved Joe. I really did. I just didn’t know how to let him know I was ready to get married. I was such a loser.

I’d only been sitting a couple minutes when the door behind me swung open. I bit my lower lip hard and swallowed. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

“It’s okay, Mack. You’ve got time. There’s still the big catfight between Kenley and Caitlyn to get through.”

Geneva. Crap. Like she was going to help a lot. “I always enjoyed that one.”

“Probably because you got to beat on Cheyenne.” Geneva came and stood next to me, her silk skirt swirling around our feet like a puddle of rain.

“Having Dusty out there as Kenley adds a layer of complexity, you know?”

“Yeah, I can’t even think about it too hard.”

I laughed despite myself.

“That was pretty intense,” Geneva said.

Part of me wanted to ask what she thought she was doing, and the other part wanted to get back to crying. “I wasn’t sure how to play it.”

“Honesty’s usually good.”

“Maybe next time, though, I’ll try to keep from bleeding all over the stage.” I carefully ran a fingertip under my eyelashes, wiping away the tears.

Now it was Geneva’s turn to laugh. “You’re fun to play off of, you know?”

“Thanks. Back atcha.”

“And I hope you and Joe get married some day.”

What? Was she psychic too? “Um…yeah…well…”

“Sorry, kitten. I don’t mean to get all weird on you.” She stopped and sighed. “I was in love with him too, and I still want him to be happy. He deserves the kind of thing I have with Mike, and if he wants it with you, well, do the math.”

I shifted my weight so we were facing each other. The headlights of a passing car illuminated her perfect silhouette. “You’re awfully generous.”

She put a hand on my shoulder. “Joe’s a great guy.”

“He’s the best and I’m an idiot. He’s already asked me twice. He says he’s not going to ask me again.” The words sounded even stupider out loud than in my head.

“So ask him.” Geneva, Queen of Simplicity.

“I don’t know how.” I might have been wailing.

Geneva pulled me gently into a hug. “Just ask.”

The door popped open and Donald stuck out his head sweaty, bald head. “You girls need to get into your dresses.”

Geneva smiled. Okay, so she was gorgeous and talented and nice. And I couldn’t hate her. Somehow saying the words out loud had shaken something loose. As I went back into the theater, I knew I could “just ask” Joe the very next time I saw him.

A minute later I was back in the dressing room. The strapless black dress was in a heap on the floor and the other girls were pulling on their fluffy, fuchsia bridesmaids’ dresses. As I reached for my costume, a polyester lace bridal gown someone had found at a second-hand store, Julio walked in. He'd pulled off the blond wig and his dark curls were damp with sweat.

We still couldn't speak because the audience would hear us. He bowed his head in my direction, giving me a smile with enough embarrassment in it I was relieved rather than angry. I picked up the apology in his body language and smiled to show him it was accepted and returned. Julio nodded again then headed toward the back of the room. He looked better with brown hair. The blond wig made him dangerous.

And it was just as well Joe hadn’t seen our near-miss-kiss. As actors, this kind of thing went with the territory so it shouldn't be an issue.


There was a new text message on my phone.

You're going to look lovely in white.

I didn't know how to respond. Joe must have been keeping track somehow and guessed we were getting ready for the final scene. I pulled the tacky white dress over my head and Geneva came around behind me to zip it up. She grinned at me and headed out to the wings with the rest of the bridal party. Everyone else would be onstage as I processed in through the audience.

I stuck the “real” costume veil on my head and scurried around to the back of the theater. 

Can she do it? Even for the purposes of her "art"? Can Mackenzie really play the bride? You'll have to check back next week to find out...

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ten Things About Minnesota

Every year or two my husband's family gets together for a reunion. We've traveled to Texas and New Hampshire and Aspen, Colorado and Monroe, WA. I missed the cousin's wedding on the edge of the Grand Canyon, but my husband went. Two years ago they all gathered in Maine, but we had to pass on that one, too. We're talking San Francisco next. 

And this year? We went to Minneapolis - with a side trip for one night up on the Boundary Waters in Ely.

Lake Animagnet - Burnsville, MN

The stated purpose was a memorial service for my husband's uncle, who passed away last year, which was lovely and sad-sweet. But I had my own agenda, of course. I've never been in that part of the world, and was really curious about what the middle of the country looked like, you know?

I found water. Lots and lots of water, in the form of about seventy million lakes. All of them surrounded by birch trees. From the air, Minnesota must look like dark green swiss cheese with blue holes. 

Okay, that was a weird image. Shake it off. Anywhoodle, while I was there, I made the following observations. Use them to guide your next Great Lakes excursion...

The view from a canoe - Boundary Waters - Ely, MN

1.  The drivers have personal space issues. Like, the first hint you get that someone wants you go change lanes is when they come right up on your bumper. And once you get out of their way, they're likely to skim your front end when they get back in your lane. Freaked me right out, and I wasn't even driving.

2.  This place is so clean even the public restrooms smell good. Seriously. I think I saw ONE Coke can on the side of the road the whole time we were there, and even the skanky little highway gas station facilities didn't make me feel like I needed a total body wash after using them.

Prettiest highway shoulder in the world - Burnsville, MN

Close-up of the flowers. These look familiar, but I'm not sure what they are.

3.  The cattails look like they're topped with toasted marshmallows. Or maybe that's because I threw Weight Watchers to the wind for the length of our stay, and ate whatever and whenever I wanted. I mean, what's the point of traveling to a new place if you can't taste what the locals have to offer. Wait, that might have sounded naughtier than I meant it to...

See? Don't you want to find a campfire?

4.  The whole thing with the white bark birch trees and snow. Monotonous much? Also, thtrees are short. We figure it's because they can only grow for about 90 minutes every year, before winter starts up again. However, what they lack in drama they make up for with quantity.

South Farm Lake. We have taller trees in my
North Seattle neighborhood, but they have more of them.

5.  They know a little bit about beer, which surprised my Northwest Microbrew soul. On the plane flying in, the flight attendant offered us our choice of beers from the Surly Brewing Company. My husband chose the IPA. I chose a bloody mary, because what do Midwesterners know about beer? (I mean, Budweiser shouldn't count, right?) Turns out, they knew exactly how to make a good bottle of beer. With any luck, I'll find some of that Surly IPA out here in one of our specialty beer shops. Because yum.

6.  I survived the Mall of America and never have to go there again. I mean, did you ever want to sit sipping cocktails in a fine-dining, Asian-fusion restaurant at a table for fifteen, while you vibrate occasionally from the gentle surge of the roller coaster on the other side of the wall?

Didn't think so.

I'm throwing this one in here because I need some
peace and quiet after that last memory.

7.  There's a radio station that plays World Music on Sunday morning outside Duluth. Thank God. I was stuck in the car for five hours with a classic rock fan and a teenager, and there was a definite potential for violence if we hadn't discovered a station we could agree on.

8. We drove north out if Minneapolis, heading for Ely, and made it over 2 hours before we hit a hill. Now this was especially strange for someone from Seattle. I mean, there are two directions in my hometown: uphill and downhill. Seriously. Seattle bikers must have thighs of iron. My traveling companions agreed with me that in Minnesota, the sky was too big, and without a circle of mountains on the horizon, we felt way too exposed.

Not sure what these are either, but they're pretty.

9. Cheese is CHEAP in Minnesota, and you can get fried cheese curds, and we went to a grocery store with a smoker in the basement to make it's own beef jerky. Beer and cheese and jerky. I could live on that.

10. People here are genuinely nice, and not just in touristy places where their living depends on friendly. We didn't meet one grump the whole time we were there. I especially loved the host of our B&B up in Ely (the Blue Heron, in case you're in the neighborhood) who gave us a history lesson after breakfast one morning. I hope I get to go back there someday. For me, that one night in Ely set a new standard for peaceful.

Even the bananas were friendly...

Do you have vacation plans this summer? Even better, what are your favorite Minnesota memories?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Six Sexy Second Quarter Reads

So in the end of March, I made a post highlighting my favorite books for the first quarter of the year. Jump HERE to see it. Since I love recommending books to people, I figured I'd try it again. So here's a list of the books I think you should one-click right now! Because good stuff!

There's not an exact order to this list, although you'll notice there are two #1s. And that's because I loved both of them so much! Putting For Real at the top of the post does sort of imply it's my favorite-favorite, although my other favorite, Jackdaw, is so different it's almost impossible to compare the two. In the interest of expediency, I'm calling it a tie. So, without any more blathering, here are my six favorite books for April, May, and June...

1. For Real

This is one of the few books I've read that deals with the topic of BDSM as if real people might be involved in it, and not some class of weird sexual superheroes. For me, For Real is just about the perfect book. There are big ideas and small moments of tenderness, and an absolutely fantastic use of language. The way Alexis Hall weaves in bits of brilliance while keeping the story moving is astonishing. This is a book you could spend hours discussing with your friends - trust me, I have. It's about real people, about challenging expectations, and it's one of the most unique love stories I've ever read.

1. Jackdaw

My other #1 favorite story this quarter was Jackdaw by KJ Charles. It's the fourth book in her Charm of Magpies series, and the only one not to feature Stephen & Crane. They're there, but they're kind of the bad guys, which was fun. While the first three books in the series told a BIG story, with huge stakes and a romance for the ages, Jackdaw had a much narrower focus. This one's about two of the guys who got caught up in the BIG DRAMA from the previous book, how it tore them apart and how they eventually found their way back together.

And oh, you guys, the FEELS in this one. Jackdaw has so much heart, and so much sweetness. Jonah was one of the bad guys in the last book, but he redeems himself - and then some - here. The role-reversal (good to bad/bad to good) won't mean quite as much if you haven't read the other books (so jump HERE to get started with The Magpie Lord) but even without that background, this is an entertaining read.

3. Baked Fresh So this is the second of three books in Annabeth Albert's Portland Heat series, and while they're all good, this one was my favorite. (The other two are Served Hot and Delivered Fast.) I think the reason I liked this one the best was the chemistry between the heroes Vic & Robin, and the sensitive way the author dealt with the subject of homelessness and drug addiction among kids on the street. It's really easy to make an "issues" book feel like a school assignment - something that's good for you, but not all that fun to read - but this story flowed naturally. Vic and Robin are a little bit of an odd couple, but they totally work together, and I was so happy with the way their story unfolded. 

4. On A Lee Shore

I have recommended this book to all kinds of different people. Like YOU. Read it! On a Lee Shore is hands down the best historical I've read this quarter, maybe even this year. It's like they took the movie Master and Commander and made the Russell Crow and Paul Bettany characters gay. The details are gritty and real, and the voice is perfect for the time period. My friend Nan, who has read all the Patrick O'Brien "Master and Commander" novels, seconds my assessment of the voice. Elin Gregory nailed it, and she tells an entertaining story of pirates (and love!) on the high seas.

5. Clear Water

This one came highly recommended from on of the private Facebook pages I hang out on, and I'm SO happy I read it. Last year I read a different book by Amy Lane, and while it was entertaining, it didn't grip me the way Clear Water did. Both Patrick and Whiskey are tremendously sympathetic characters, and their journey to happiness felt real to me. There's a mystery-suspense subplot that worked fairly well, and the resolution ticked all my boxes. I love books that take me out of my regular old world, and this one had me spending lots of time on a houseboat on a hot summer's day. Too fun!

6. Jinn and Juice

Look! A Girl!!


Jinn and Juice isn't the only m/f book I read this quarter, but it was absolutely the best! Nicole Peeler is a wizard at creating memorable characters and her dialogue rocks. This is the first in a new series set in Pittsburgh (of all places). Because of the 'first book' thing, there was a fair amount of world building, but it didn't bog the plot down at all, and I loved the way she integrated the setting into elements of the story. You'll have to read it to see what I mean, but this book could ONLY have been set in Pittsburgh. This one's all about the urban fantasy fun, with lots of hot teasing but no actual naughty bits. She's holding out on us for book 2, I guess.

There you have it! Six books that are well worth your reading time. I hope you one-click on at least a couple. Meanwhile, I've already started on next quarter with last nights read of Payback and Vertigo by Jordan Castillo Price. They're the first two books in her Channeling Morpheus series, and so far my only complaint is that I bought Payback as a single book. I didn't realize how short it is, and if you're interested in queer vampires having blazing hot sex, look for the whole five-book set. I guarantee you'll want to keep reading, but spending $2.99 for each book is fairly pricey when you can get all of them for $6.99.


If you've got a favorite recent read, leave a note in the comments...

I'm infatuated with this cover, ya'll...

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Friday Fiction - The Ring Toss Pt. 7

A last-minute change lands Mack in a long white dress, but can she commit?

This week's installment gets a little hot, but it'll be hotter if you read the other bits first. Check out Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -  Part 5 - Part 6 to catch up. 

Mack's been cast to play a bridesmaid in an equity-waiver production of "Something Borrowed, Something Blue", but at the last minute she's upgraded to the role of Brittney, The Bride. It's a tough gig for a woman with a wedding phobia, especially since her boyfriend Joe's not around to talk her off the ledge. In the last snippet, Mack had a little I-miss-Joe moment, gearing up for some bump & grind with Salvatore the Stripper...

The Play – Something Borrowed, Something Blue: A Bachelorette’s Adventure

Director: Dusty Squires
Assistant to the Director: Donald Loudemilk

Brittney (the bride): Mackenzie Reed
Mara (the maid of honor): Geneva Louise
Kenley (the bride’s sister): Dusty Squires
Caitlyn (the bridesmaid): Cheyenne Miller
Salvatore (the stripper): Julio Lorenze
Pete (the groom): Julio Lorenze

From the light board, Donald flipped a switch, lowering the disco ball and starting the pulsing techno beat. The stage was done up like the private party room of a nightclub, with black walls, a fat couch, and several low ottomans scattered around. One section of the back wall had a large frame that held sheer, black fabric with flashing lights behind it. That was the window that looked onto the dance floor. Mara and Caitlyn were sitting side by side on the couch while Kenley and I were posed on either side of the window.

Woot! We are ready to par-tay!” Mara bounced up off the couch and started to dance.

Caitlyn raised her glass in my direction. “Hey Brittney, you took your veil off.”

Not okay, Britt. Where is it?” Mara scolded me.

I picked up the oversized clump of white tulle threaded with little flashing white lights from where I'd stuck it on the floor between two of the ottomans, and made a show of putting it back on my head.

“It sucks to be the bride, don’t it?” Kenley laughed as she spoke.

“Yeah… No. It’s cool. Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to take it off. It’s just hot in here.” It was easy to put energy behind that idea, with sweat washing the heavy make-up off my face and running between my breasts. I kept dancing until Mara and Kenley threw significant glances at each other.

Mara came over and put her arm around me. “You’ll be fine, you know.”

“What? The music’s too loud.” I pulled away from her and reached for my drink.
Mara shook her head. “Our buddy Salvatore will be here any minute. He’ll take your mind off your nerves.”

The lights overhead started to strobe, which made Kenley’s reach for my arm look like more of a jerk. She swung me back and forth until we were both doing a weird robotic dance under the flashing lights. 

“Got a meetin’ in the ladies’ room…” Mara sang along with the music.

I had to laugh. “I swear you know the words to every song, Mara.”

 “…think you better watch your man…”

Thankfully the strobe lights stopped, which was our cue Salvatore had walked onstage. When we turned in his direction, he whipped off his black leather trench coat and threw it over the back of the couch. Mara approached him to shake his hand, passing him a small white envelope. He kissed her cheek.

“I’m so glad this worked into your schedule,” she said. “Come meet Brittney.”

Salvatore flipped his long blond hair over his shoulders and gave her a hundred-watt smile. 

“Ta, luv. Happy to be here. Let’s go see the bridey.” They came over to where the rest of us were dancing. “She’s a flasher, ain’t she? Hey, bridey!”

He pulled me close and kissed me on the cheek, a move that definitely wasn't in the script. I stood there, shocked, while he started to rock to the beat. The other girls crowded around us. With a grin, he grabbed Kenley and started rubbing his belly against her. For just a second, I saw Dusty freaking out behind Kenley’s mascara, but then his head came up and he started rubbing back. Salvatore unbuttoned the top of his shirt, his diamond-blue eyes laughing in a way the script hadn’t called for. He'd clearly been holding back in our previous rehearsals.

The girls made a half-circle around Salvatore. When he got his shirt open, he grabbed Caitlyn’s hands. She screamed, sounding a little hysterical as they danced together.

“Oh my God, he’s so handsome.” I was laughing so hard I could barely get the words out. 

Beside me, Mara giggled.

“I knew he’d be your type.”

I hopped up onto one of the ottomans for a little dance fever of my own. The other girls fanned out on either side of me like I was JLo or Madonna onstage with a troop of dancing girls. Salvatore moved into the open space in front of us and started to really go to work. White leather straps crossed his bare chest and slipped down under his jeans. I knew from the tech rehearsal that once the chaps came off, the jeans would come off too, and those leather straps would be the only things holding up a certain white silk bag.

The music shifted to a slower song and, holding his arms above his head, he swung his hips and danced closer to the girls. The sheen of sweat on his chest picked up the colored lights overhead, accenting the hard swell of his pectorals and the curve of his biceps. Gazing out into the room, I smiled because some of our audience members were dancing in the aisles along with us.

“Okay Mara, it’s your turn.” Kenley pushed Mara toward Salvatore.

Mara started a surprisingly risqué dance which Salvatore picked right up on. He planted one leg between her knees and they rocked in time, working lower and lower till she was more-or-less riding his thigh. The rest of us shrieked and hollered and egged them on. At one point Salvatore reached up and brushed his fingertips down my thigh, starting with the bare skin right under the hem of my very-short skirt. The bold suggestion in his gesture lit up the nerve that started in my head and traveled down south of my navel. Things had gotten way out of control. I was glad when the song changed to something a lot faster.

“Now where’s the flashin’ bridey? Ah, there ya are. C’mere and give me a dance.” He reached up for my hand.

“Oh. I don’t think…”

“Get down from there, little sister.” Kenley grabbed my other hand and yanked me off the ottoman.

I followed Salvatore toward the far end of the stage. He started to strip just for me, slowly unbuckling his chaps and throwing them toward the other girls. They screamed and scattered. The song changed again and the beat increased. Salvatore started to move more aggressively.

I pretended to hesitate, watching his hips before moving in synch with him. Salvatore unbuttoned his jeans, deliberately teasing me with each gesture. 

I was onstage and people were watching. Caitlyn and Mara were holding onto each other and squealing, and behind them Kenley was shaking her head as she moved to the beat. Julio was an actor and the action wasn't real, but when that last button popped free, the bottom dropped out of my belly. I'm only human and this guy was a pro.

The script said I was supposed to flirt with him, so I tried. “Hey, handsome. That’s some…um…nice…”

“You’re awful pretty yourself, bridey.” His eyes sparkled and his grin told me he was picking up exactly what I was putting down.

Caitlyn shrieked behind me. “She’s totally grinding him.”

“It’s okay. He’s still got his jeans on.” Mara, acting as the voice of reason.

Salvatore pushed his jeans down farther and rubbed himself against me. I tried to keep my response within the confines of the script, but it was hard not to show too much enthusiasm. The heavy bass beat slowed and he moved back to step out of his jeans. My eyes widened, even though I knew what was coming next.

“You’re just wearing a little baggie.” My voice dropped even lower than normal.

He laughed. “It's a big baggie, luv.”

“Let’s dance.” I tugged off the veil and threw my arms in the air. He came up behind me, close enough for his “baggie” to press against my butt. We were following the script. Mostly.

“You probably do this with all the brides.” As I spoke, a lock of his blond wig stuck to my cheek where I was sweating a little.

“Only the cute ones.”

“I have a thing for blond men.”

“It’s your lucky day, sweets, cuz I have a thing for you.” He pulled me across the stage, farther away from the girls—who were more-or-less dancing with each other.

I dug in my heels as if I was fighting to keep us onstage. “I can’t believe I’m dancing with a naked man.”

“We could stop.”

I shook my head and put a hand on his chest. When Candi had rehearsed the scene, she'd grabbed Salvatore around the waist and just about forced him to kiss her. In real life, she was a single girl between boyfriends. In the back of my mind, a little voice was asking what Joe would think of all of this.

Despite my attempt at restraint, Salvatore still had that wild fire in his eyes, that “oh yeah baby, I'm going to kiss you good” look. I swallowed hard and let him pull me closer, keeping my gaze locked on his. He was hot and buffed and nearly naked. Wow. He leaned in for the kiss.

“No. Oh my God, no.”

I shoved him away and ran offstage.

How can something imaginary cause so much consternation? Mack's got trouble on her hands with this one. Jump HERE to see what happens next...
Thanks so much for reading along!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Dom for Patti by Elodie Parkes

Here's lots of fun stuff from Elodie Parkes, including a giveaway at the bottom...


An erotic romance, with Dom/sub and spanking elements—a contemporary, magical love story.

Background to the story

I wrote a story titled Rescuing Cade published by Evernight in February this year. In that story, Patti, the heroine from a Dom for Patti, is introduced to Cade. They are both visiting The Club, a select BDSM club. Cade is kind to Patti, but his heart already belongs to someone else and after only a few minutes he tells Patti he’s leaving. In that few minutes, he kisses Patti and she feels an instant attraction to him. Unfortunately, lonely Patti is destined not to be with Cade.

I liked Patti a lot and I decided to write her story. It’s an erotic romance with a twist. Patti is hoping for love as well as a handsome Dom to fill her lonely life, when she meets hunky Cameron in The Club, she thinks her luck is looking up … let’s hope so.

Interview with Cameron

1. If you were a dessert, what would you be?

Chocolate ice cream cake with a drizzle of coffee liqueur

2. What is it like being a personal trainer?

I enjoy seeing people achieve their goals and becoming happier with themselves. I travel with them sometimes, if they’re a movie star or model trying to get back into shape, and that can be fun.

3. What do you do when you need to blow off steam?

I own a fitness center with my brother so I work out and sometimes I’ll take off on a rock-climbing spree.

4. What do you look for in a woman?

Gentleness, intelligence, a sense of humor, sexiness, courage, beautiful eloquent eyes

5. What’s your favorite sex toy?

Mmm, let me think for a moment … okay well all kinds of vibrators and lubes are great because I can give my lady more pleasure

6. The blurb for A Dom for Patti mentions spanking, can we expect some in the story and do you enjoy spanking?

(Laughs) I’ve never been spanked per se, although Patti has dared to slap me on the ass as I pass naked, which I loved and had to kiss her loads to reassure her it was okay. I spank her because it makes her wet, but I don’t put my strength behind it. I do it for her to give her pleasure not to hurt. Frankly, I’d be devastated if I hurt her. I cherish her—she’s mine and we both know it, but that means I take care of her.

7. Tell us a little about Patti.

She works in fashion. She’s pretty, small, slender, and fits over my shoulder. (Smiles) She’s sexy, clever, interesting, luscious … let’s stop this before I start craving her kiss.

8. So, this is a love story?

It sure is. It’s hot, sexy, and there’s a journey, but it’s all worth it.


The darkness soothed Patti. The music lifted her spirits and she smiled at the lovely sight of people enjoying each other. She relaxed in the familiar atmosphere and began to wonder why she’d denied herself this pleasure for so long. Happy now, she wandered along to the bar and ordered coffee.

Patti spent a pleasant ten minutes drinking her coffee and talking with the bartender, before a man and woman she’d seen around The Club in the past arrived at the bar. Patti cast a sidelong glance at them before transferring her scrutiny to watching their touches and kisses through the length of mirror along the back of the bar. They were obviously a couple. More than that, they were obviously in love.

Patti left the sight that reminded her of what she desperately wanted and walked along to the end of the room. She stopped in the gloom there and considered going home. She’d shaken her depression and maybe on her next visit she’d find one of the Masters free.

About to move off, instead, Patti turned abruptly. Someone approached from behind and she was suddenly aware she lurked around in the entrance to the corridor that led to the private rooms.
He was closer than she’d anticipated. A hard muscular chest met her, and as she bumped against the man, his arms enclosed her.

Patti looked up into the face of a man she’d never seen before.

His eyes were dark in the gloom. He’d stopped further into the shadows, but the handsome planes of his face were still obvious. A dimple appeared in his left cheek as he smiled.

“Hey, are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you.” He left his arms around her.

Patti soaked up the contact. She looked at him with interest. “I was deep in thought.”

Buy Links


Elodie Parkes: Cool Stories - Hot Love Scenes 

Elodie is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal, fantasy, or suspense. Her books are always steamy. Her tag is, Cool stories: Hot love scenes.

Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.

Elodie writes for, Evernight Siren Hot Ink Press Eternal Press Secret Cravings

She has also released titles as an individual indie author.

Find Elodie online: Blog  Facebook  FB  Twitter Tsu  Google +  G+ Pinterest  YouTube  Amazon USA  Amazon UK  Manic Readers

Elodie only ever wears boots. (Yes, even in summer) She has three bachelor degrees because she couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted to do, and even then she got two Grad Dips in different subjects, naughty Elodie.

Elodie loves:
Music (her nickname at work is Melody Elodie because she’s often singing), the countryside, the ocean, animals, gorgeous men, technology, art, stockings and garter belts, movies, and potatoes, in any order. Elodie is addicted to black leather jackets, and faded jeans, and owns so many she’s ashamed to count them.

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