Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fun

I should know better than to try to write a blog post after working all night. Just because I should know better doesn't mean I won't do it anyway...

Last week I told you my girl Noni (and yes, we're back to the original spelling) was on Maui. Sigh. She posted pictures of beaches and sunsets and swimming pools, the brat. One picture showed a table in the sun with a Manhattan frosty beverage and a travel Scrabble game on it. Clearly she was suffering.


She emailed me last night in a panic because she hadn't helped me pick a Friday Fun video. It was okay, though, because I had two in mind. While she was working on her tan, I spent the week keeping the kids pointed in the right direction, getting to work on time, and oh yeah, visiting Honolulu my own way. 

I worked on the X-teenth revision of a short story I call Honolulu City Lights.  It's about a girl and a boy and a beach - well, and this iteration had a hula dancing doll in the mix. It's a fun little read, if I do say so myself. And in honor of sending it off to see if it finds a home, I'm posting Bing Crosby's version of the song the doll dances to, The Hukilau Song. This particular version works for me on a couple of different levels, and I hope it makes you want to jump on the next Hawaiian Air flight out of town.

Oh, and for good measure, here's the song that inspired the title of my short story...


  1. Not exactly my kind of music, but there's some really great scenery in those videos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I figured the scenery alone would get to people. Thanks for checking it out, Mike!

  3. I haven't been there yet, but your videos just put it higher on my to-go list.

  4. Well that's fair, I guess, since your posts make me want to go to France on a regular basis. Thanks for stopping in, Julie!

  5. Have always wanted to visit Hawaii and Australia. Just not sure I'd ever be able to come home if I did...

  6. Having lived in Hawaii & visited Australia, I share your concern, Elaine. My fantasy is to rent a house on the north shore of Oahu and live their all summer. Real Life has issues with that, but still...
    Thanks for checking in! And thank you, too, Jillian!

  7. I think we share a love of Hawaii. Ever since I saw "South Pacific" I have wanted to live there. Every time I have visited, I hated coming home and like you, I would live there for a year (or more) if I could. Love the trade winds, sunset at the water's edge with everyone else worshiping the setting sun, the food, the wonderful people-on and on. Thanks

  8. Sitting here at the tag end of a Seattle winter, your memories are pretty persuasive, Cora. Thanks for checking out the post!

  9. Too fun! I went to Maui when I was seven. It has been far too long! I look outside at the gray, cloudy day and wish for a private jet so I can be there again!

    That Noni girl gets all the fun!

  10. Ann...I forwarded your comment to Noni and she said,
    "I do. I get all the fun. All of it."
    She's got a tan, too. It's hard to be her friend right now. ;)