Saturday, March 24, 2012

Team Sophia: The Hats

 I promised that I'd periodically check in with Sophia and let you know how she's doing. The short answer is, she's hanging in there. She's undergoing chemo to treat a Wilm's tumor and as a result, she lost all of her beautiful blond hair. While that's a huge drag, Sophia, her Mom, and her amazing nurses just took it as an opportunity to grow a hat collection. Here are some pix of Sophia, in some of her many new hats! (Sophia with a pink bug above, & Sophia in sparkles below)

The picture to the right might be my favorite, because since before she was born, pink and brown were Sophia's fave colors. Here she's got a little teddy bear & roses action going on, and I just love it!

Stacey says Sophia's handling the chemo fairly well. She's had some tummy problems, but she's been stable. According to Stacey, she has... 
3 more sessions each 3 weeks apart. Her tummy will dictate how much of a dose she will get. We have started ordering and shipping supplies to HI. She has been looking really good. Lots of energy, long awake days, and good sleep.

 Sophia knows how to rock the glitter, too. Here she's got a flowery bonnet that just couldn't be any cuter. Remember that the purpose of these posts is to help raise money to get Sophe to Hawaii to visit Grandma & Grandpa. There's a PayPal "Donate" button to the right of this post, and if you would give just a little, we'll get the job done. So far this community of blog readers has raised almost $900, which will do a lot to get plane tickets for the team of nurses that Sophia needs to travel with. We're not asking for a lot. If each reader donated the cost of a double mocha frappucino, it would give us a huge boost!

And thank you SO MUCH for your generosity. Sophia and Stacey REALLY appreciate it.


  1. Sophia makes my heart sing. I will donate now. That family needs to see each other and hug each other. Love the hats. My favorite is the glittery one because she absolutely sparkles in it. Thanks for bringing Sophia to us; hopefully we'll be able to bring her to her family in Hawaii.

  2. OMG those hats are so adorable on her! I very much hope she and her mother are able to make it to Hawaii soon!

  3. Thanks so much, Sara & Tami, for keeping Sophia and her Mom in mind, and for forwarding this blog link and spreading the good word. You are both definitely part of Team Sophia!

  4. Such chick chapeaus for a cutie-pie! My heart aches at the thought of such a little one in such distress. It was good to see her smiling in the picture with her wearing the flowery bonnet of sequins. Hope she makes it to Hawaii real soon.

  5. Thanks Cora! With Team Sophia working together, she's going to be with Grandma before she knows it.

  6. Those hats are so adorable - but oh my, Sophia is lovely all on her own :) How wonderful for so many people to give and care. Go team Sophia!

  7. Go Team Sophia! Keep us informed about Sophia and her exciting trip. Best wishes to her mom, too.

  8. Thanks for being part of Team Sophia, Ann & Janice!