Friday, February 6, 2015

What I Shared This Week

Two of the prettiest things about the '80s
(& yes, I did share this on FB)

My Facebook stream is all about the variety, and this was a great week for sharing blog posts. Because there was so much good stuff, I decided to go back through my stream and list a few here. Most have a writing theme, addressing either/both craft or lifestyle. There's some great stuff, and I hope you check out a few of these posts.

1. Jump HERE for Margie Lawson"s post on writing writerly. I've taken several classes with Margie and heard her use the term "writerly", but this is the first time I ever really got what she meant.

2. Jump HERE for a post by Lisa Abellera on creating a sense of place. RelentlessWriters is a new group blog (and full disclosure, I'm a member), and there are a bunch of great posts to check out, but Lisa's post from yesterday really spoke to me.

3. Have you ever struggled with making writing a priority? Like, how can you spend time at the laptop when SOMEONE NEEDS TO VACUUM?! If that resonates for you, check out this post on letting go of guilt by freelance writer Sarah Hackley.

4. My friend Nicole Evelina wrote a thoughtful post on body image, body hatred, and the contortions/distortions we are all forced to live with. Jump HERE to check it out.

5. And because I can't resist a little self-promotion, this week marked another stage in my journey. My '50s-era m/m romance, Aqua Follies, is officially out on submission. Anyone who wants to light a candle or send up a quick Hail Mary will be my BFF forever. And while we're all waiting to see if it lands a contract, jump HERE to see the Pinterest board I created for the project. It'll give you a sneak peek into the world and the characters, and hopefully wet your appetite for the real thing.

And finally, I just had to share my new favorite song. Rock it with Bruno while you're checking out the links above, and have a great weekend!


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