Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Tale Of Two Heros

I'm very pleased to welcome back my friend Jillian Chantal. She's been a busy (busier?) lady for the last couple weeks, promoting her two new releases, Sebastian's Salvation and "The Coroner's Heart", a short story in Valentine Delights: Be Mine. The excerpt of Sebastian's Salvation that I saw totally raised my blood pressure, and "The Coroner's Heart" is a truly charming love story that proves that a woman can be strong, smart AND loveable. Thanks, Jillian, for stopping in and telling us about your newest work.

Thanks for the invitation to come by and chat a bit with your readers.   

 What do a war wounded Green Beret and a blood expert who works in a crime lab have in common?  You might be surprised.  The first thing they have in common is that they each sprang from the same mind. The second thing is that they are both romance novel heroes. The third thing is that both of their stories were released on the same day. Now, you're probably asking if there are any things these guys have in common other than those innocuous ones.  Yes, indeed there are. 

Sebastian is the hero of Sebastian's Salvation and Adam is the hero of The Coroner's Heart.  Both men are fiercely loyal to their friends, family and coworkers. Both men are very competent at their jobs. Both men find themselves attracted to a strong woman. Both of them have a hidden soft side; Sebastian hides his under a suave painter persona and Adam hides his with the use of sarcasm and wit.

While each of them have a different story and a different route to happiness, each of them are heroic in their own way. It's important to me as a writer to be sure my heroes never act in a way that would violate the "hero code" as I see it. I love both of these guys for different reasons.  Sebastian has a lot to overcome and his way of coping with his issues endeared him to me. Adam, on the other hand, has had a much easier life and it shows in his more easy going manner and banter.  His dialogue was fun to write.

I think both heroes are smart, witty and kind. I hope the readers love them as much as I do.

I'll leave you with a few lines from each hero to give your readers a little peek into these guys and the buy links.  Thanks again for having me pop in. I enjoy your blog and am thrilled to be here. 

The Coroner's Heart:
Finally, in exasperation, Elspeth turned and her face almost collided with his. “Crap. Back off. What’s wrong with you?”
The driver snickered when Adam replied, “Just smelling your lovely perfume, Doc. What is that? A mixture of some kind of burnt sugar and dead body?”
“Shut up.”
Adam turned to the driver. “I must admit, it’s a strange but powerful concoction. Must be some of that new pheromone stuff.”

Sebastian's Salvation:
Sebastian looked up from his chili. “Bet I could get any of the three of you naked in two minutes flat. All I’d need is a paintbrush in my hand.”
Victoria blushed as Joanna looked him in the eye from her end of the table. “Best watch out with the bets, Bast. You already lost one to me today.”
Sebastian raised one eyebrow. “Did I, now?”
“You know you did. I beat you down the hill best out of three runs.”
“And what did you win, Lady Joanna?”
“The right to have you paint my portrait.” Her face registered triumph.
“You mean the right to get naked in front of me?”
Joanna and her two friends both gasped.
   Sebastian took a bite of his chili and once he swallowed, he looked at Hugh and asked, “See? All it takes is a paintbrush. Want me to teach you?” Visit me anytime!  

Thanks again for posting, Jillian! It was fun to learn more about Sebastian and Adam.


  1. Thanks for letting me come by and yak about my heroes. I love them both!

  2. Always a pleasure to have you visit, Jillian! You can come back anytime.

  3. They both sound like fun heroes. Thanks for sharing them. I've read some of Sebastian's Salvation and it is fabulous.

  4. Thanks, Darlene - glad you like Sebastian and they are both fun guys! Sebastian takes longer to warm up than Adam but they are good guys.

  5. Oh, yeah. These are totally the kind of heroes I like. :)

  6. Thanks, Laurie. I'm glad they appeal to you. Me, too. Hehehe