Monday, January 30, 2012

Decadent Seconds

This morning I want to welcome W. Lynn Chantale, a lovely author that I met through Still Moments Publishing. She's here to talk about her newly released short, Decadent Seconds. Now, I haven't had the opportunity to read her new piece, but Mistletoe Mamba, her contribution to Christmas Treats: Santa's Naughty List has one of the hottest tango scenes I've ever read. Yum! Lynn has been gracious enough to host me on her blog a couple of times, despite my PG rating, and now I'm thrilled to have her here. Please welcome her and check out her newest work.

PS - Lynn's promised to give away a $15 gift card to one lucky person from the comments. It's a winner's choice card - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or ARe. So let us know you've been here, okay?

Hi Liv, thanks so much for hosting me today. I can keep things PG. :-)

Why I Own a Potato Peeler  ...   
           Until last year I never owned a potato/vegetable peeler. I’ve always used a knife, paring, steak whatever to peel potatoes. Stay with me here, because I’ve got to explain something. I’m also a sucker for sharp knives, I have a degree in culinary arts and the first thing I learned was sharp knives require less force to use. So I purchased a three knives ( a paring, a chef’s knife and a cleaver) from an extremely reputable company and eagerly waited for them to arrive in the mail.
Knives arrive. I can’t wait. Yes, I know they’re sharp I watched the demo where a penny was cut in half and then a sheet of paper. Oh yeah that sharp. So I peel my first potato cradled in the palm of my left hand as I’ve always done. No problem. Quarter the sucker. No big. Yes, I’m taking my time, my eyes never leave my task. The second potato slips while I’m quartering, but nothing major.
So third potato, yep potato slips while I’m quartering and I slice a two inch gash in my left index finger. I know some of you already figured out where this was going, but geesh... I’ve got to tell it. The first words out of my mouth were “I need to go to urgent care.”
While my sons and husband are panicking. I love them dearly, but I’m the only calm rational one at the moment, despite laughing my fool head off. My then 16 y/o son whips the car around likes he’s been driving everyday for the last 20 years and off we go to the emergency clinic.
So now I have 6 or 7 stitches in my poor finger, but I can still type. I know I should’ve been more concerned about that cut. What can I say, I’m a writer. When I come back for follow up the doctor learns I have some numbness in my finger. Let’s just say when I cut something I do very well. I severed the tendon and a nerve. Please, no applause. Did you know the interior of the finger has all the nerves? I do. So outpatient surgery, 4 weeks in a cast, 4 months of physical therapy and my finger is good as new. Almost.
I know you’re dying to know if I still own that knife. Yes, I do. For a few months my youngest would hide it from me. Do I use it? Of course, but now I slice and quarter potatoes on a cutting board.
As for the potato peeler, the kids use it.

When I’m not testing the sharpness of knives, I can be found
Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic.

As a caterer, Darling gets to witness some of life’s happiest moments, but yearns for a marriage proposal of her own. After years of waiting on her beloved to pop the question, she gives up on ever having a happy ending of her own and severs the relationship. When she learns she’s pregnant, she has no choice but to face her child’s father on a daily basis as well as the love and attraction she has for him.
Darryl Manning always believed Darling would be his forever. After all he didn’t need a piece of paper to show her how much he loved her, but when she leaves him to pursue her dream of owning a catering company and raising his son, he may have to rethink his views on marriage. That is if he wants a second chance at family.
Drunken laughter floated just above the thrumming bass line of Lenny Kravitz’s Are You Gonna Go My Way, competing with the steady buzz of conversation. Soft pastel strobe lights flickered through the muted illumination. Darlene Williams, or “Darling” as she was known to friends and associates, surveyed the banquet hall full of guests.
She heaved a sigh as she glimpsed a swirl of ivory on the dance floor. For one wistful moment, where fairytales glowed bright and rosy, she imagined her own wedding. Her fairytale didn’t have a happy ending. She sighed again. Or a beginning.
A familiar face bobbed in the crowd, and her breath hitched. Twice he tried to take her picture, and she was determined he wouldn’t succeed. His gaze found hers, and her heartbeat matched the pounding bass line. He turned away, and she focused on a set of broad, muscular shoulders. She could spend hours smoothing her hands over his brawn. When he found her again, the corners of his mouth creased, and a familiar tingle crackled through her veins.
Just once she’d like to not react when she saw him. Despite the warmth knocking at the wall of her heart, Darling followed his movements to a group of similarly clad women. When they clustered around him, he raised his Nikon to his rugged face.
She loved his face, all angles and planes, and all that sharpness melted away when he smiled. Sadness and longing wiggled through a crack in her wall and squeezed her heart. They weren’t meant to be. Still she stared after him, envying the way he leaned close to one woman and lowered his camera. He gave a nod before moving away. When he passed beneath a wall sconce, the warm glow gave his smooth brown skin the fine sheen of melted chocolate. He should’ve been out of place in his black polo shirt and khaki slacks as he moved among the tuxedoes and long dresses, but his sexy smirk and camera made things easy.
The discordant clash of a body colliding with cymbals and snare drum drew Darling’s attention toward the dais next to the dance floor. A glassy-eyed young man in a tux tried to untangle his limbs from the instrument without spilling his drink. Succeeding, he then lurched onto the crowded dance floor and crashed into a couple of dancers. She shook her head when he sprawled on the floor, still trying to drink from the glass in his hand.
Not her problem. Darling regarded the decimated buffet, the food reduced to crumbs and half-dried globs of gravy—this was her problem. Swiping sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand, she lifted her gaze again, this time scanning the room for the tall, sexy photographer. He was now taking pictures of the drunk on the floor. Good, she didn’t want to run into him or his camera again. Turning, she hefted the silver chafer by the handles and placed it on the rolling cart behind her.
She reached for the next chafer, moving the serving spoon aside when strong hands seized her shoulders. The spoon slipped from her grasp, splattering white sauce on her black slacks, before settling on the floor. A sensuous chuckle tickled her ear, sending warmth scurrying through her veins, and puckering her nipples. Yanking free, she spun around to glare into dark chocolate eyes. She shoved the owner of those eyes and straightened her clothes. He laughed softly, his gaze drifting leisurely over her white chef’s coat and work pants.
Darryl Manning, the sexy photographer, grabbed her hand and gently tapped the thick bandage wrapped around her index finger. “What did you do to your finger?” She tugged her hand from his grasp, wincing when she smacked the digit on the chafer. “I cut it.” She bent to retrieve the spoon from the floor, straightened, and placed the utensil in a gray plastic tub.
Darling wiped her hands on a towel. Darryl folded well-toned arms across his broad chest, the black knit shirt he wore strained to accommodate the expansion of muscle. She stifled a groan and the urge to run her fingers along the bulging biceps and perfect pecs. Why did her body pick today to rebel? “I don’t have time for this now,” she snapped, “What do you have time for?” His rich baritone conjured nights of hot, steamy sex and decadent morning afters. He lifted his camera, with a sexy smirk. “Maybe a photo or two?”
She resisted the seductive note in his voice and placed her hand on the lens. “I’m working.”
“And I’m not, just finished.” He stepped closer, the heat of his body instantly warming hers. Darling tilted her head back to maintain eye contact.
She studied his face, waiting for the familiar ache and longing to subside. It didn’t. Being this close to him, surrounded by his scent, a little soap and a whole lot of male, made her yearn to be in his arms, to feel his full lips against hers. What was she doing? She couldn’t think about him, about them. She moved away. Not today.
Darling turned as the click-click-click of his camera captured her. Huffing, she stalked toward the kitchen. She caught the attention of Pete, one of her chefs for the evening. “Could you finish breaking down the buffet table while I take care of this?” She jerked a thumb to the hunk at her heels. Light flashed in her face, momentarily blinding her, and she held a hand to her eyes, blinking to clear her vision. “Don’t do that!”
Moving through the kitchen to a narrow staircase, she heaved a sigh as the pulsing rock music faded to a dull roar. Darling entered her office and smiled at the young man seated in a chair. “Thanks, Denny,” she said. He was another employee, and she waited until he closed the door.
Darling knelt next to a car seat and dropped a kiss on the sleeping infant’s cheek. White light zigzagged before her eyes. “Stop it!” she said.
“But you’re so beautiful,” Darryl said.
Her stomach did a slow somersault at the compliment, but he would need more than pretty words and his handsome face to woo her. Straightening, she shoved a diaper bag in his general direction. “I have two more weddings, a funeral, and an awards banquet. You trying to flirt is not on today’s calendar!”
Darryl offered her a smile and her knees turned to jelly. The man would be the death of her. The only reason she still spoke to him was the sleeping toddler. If not for the baby, she’d have kept walking and never looked back.
She brushed a stray curl from her face and planted her hand on her hip when Darryl didn’t move. “I know you may not have anything to do, but I really need to get back downstairs,” she reminded him.
He stepped closer, reaching a hand to tug on the lock of hair she had just swept away. She sucked in a breath, his clean masculine scent beguiling her. Her gaze dropped to the open collar of his shirt. If she pressed her mouth to his warm skin, would he moan? Darling lifted her head, and he met her lips with a kiss. Too stunned to protest, she sank into his kiss, savoring the spicy taste of him and the firmness of his lips. He skimmed the curve of her spine with his hands before resting them at her hips. Drawing her closer, he brought her against the hard line of his arousal. Desire exploded, and she wiggled her hips in hopes of easing the sudden tension at the apex of her thighs. As if sensing her need, he cupped her butt, shifting her slightly until he was wedged between her legs.
Lightning arced through her veins as he settled more firmly against her core. She gasped, and he deepened the kiss, tongues dueling in a fevered dance. Tightening her arms around his neck, Darling relished the sensations vibrating through her system, and decided to enjoy them.
Lifting his head, Darryl stared into her face. For once she didn’t care if he knew how much she wanted him, her fingers stroked the nape of his neck. She regarded him a moment before he brushed his lips across hers one last time before stepping away.
“I like flirting with you.” He trailed his fingers down her arm.
And with those few words he ruined the mood. She drew a ragged breath into her lungs and shoved his hand aside. How could one little kiss leave her so edgy and uncomfortable? She couldn’t give in to the demands of her body. She needed a clear head.


  1. I've gotten a cut every time I bought a new knife, but so far I haven't needed to have stitches. Of course, I've always used a potato peeler.

    My mom says that when she was a teenager, she used a vegetable peeler to peel potatoes & my grandmother made her go back through the peelings & get the 'wasted' potato off them. The only thing my grandmother uses a peeler for is carrots.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  2. Hi Lynn~

    OMG...Im glad your finger is "almost" okay!

    Decadent Seconds sounds great!:)


  3. Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn & Jane. I never knew potato peelers 'wasted' potato! Learn something new every day...

  4. I'm so glad you didn't lose a finger! I fell through a double paned safety glass window in the mid 80's, and my hand went through instead of my face thank goodness. But I lost the feeling from the back of my right hand to the first knuckle of my thumb and a nice 5 inch scar.
    Sending you good thoughts and positive energy for a quicker recovery!


  5. Ouch!! I've almost always used a vegetable peeler, partly because my knife skills aren't exactly stellar. I've managed to cut myself a few times, (including once on a coffee grinder blade--ugh!) but thankfully not so severely I've required stitches. Yet. ;p

    I'm definitely looking forward to reading Decadent Seconds!

    Glad you're just about recovered! Safe peeling to you! :)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  6. Thanks for checking in, Darcy & F.Chen. Peace,

  7. Hi Liv, thanks for hosting me today. Hi Everybody. The finger is fine now, well I do have some numbness which I have to watch when I'm grabbing hot handles. It's good to see so many familiar faces. Don't forget to check out my other posts for more chance to win.

  8. Did the same thing when pregnant with first son. Cut artery and tendon. Still no feeling in that part of finger and never will have. Had to fight drs against tetanus shot as didn't know if would hurt baby. Glad you're on the mend.

    Great excerpt. Good luck for super sales.

  9. Now see, the knuckle on the index finger of my right hand has been a little numb since I worked at Baskin Robbins in high school. Maybe I should have gotten workman's compensation for that...

  10. I'm glad your finger is okay! The knuckles on my right middle and ring finger went threw glass once so I know any deep finger cuts are very painful. And even afterwards if you move them wrong its painful.

    :) That was sweet of your youngest to hide the knife from you!!

  11. It sounds like a great story. Adding it to my must read list.

    Knocking on wood. Haven't had to have stitches since I was a kid. Not remembering it as much fun. Be careful you need those fingers for typing.


  12. Thanks everyone. I believe everything happens for a reason and if I hadn't cut my finger I wouldn't have known a small detail for a story I was working on before this one.

    Oh goodness. I see we've all had some brushes or should I say scrapes with knives. They make a cutting glove, (resembles chain mail armor) and it's really cool AND works. I remember using it in Culinary school to clean the slice.

  13. That's good news about your finger. Also your book sounds great!Dena

  14. Thank you everyone. You've made this a blast.

    Congrats Dena!