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New Release: Fated Desires by Becky Flade

It's been a while since I had an author interview, and this is a fun one. Becky and I have been friends since we both started publishing with Crimson Romance. She's just a little bit cray (in the *best* possible way!), and I so hope you enjoy it!

LR: What’s the most compelling thing about Fated Desires, the thing that’s kept your butt in the chair through hours of writing and revising?

BF: Fated Desires was, to date, the hardest book to write. Which was totally Jenna’s fault. I often didn’t like her, even though I understood her. And she was going through the hardest time. I know that’s a big claim to make considering what both Maggie and Henley were dealing with in their respective stories, but for Jenna, there’s no bad guy, no stalker, no crazy ex-lover or former patient. Nope, my girl Jenna had to deal with her fractured sense of self and a young child whom was acting-out. It made this one an emotional and, I hope, compelling read.

LR: I bet it is! Now, Fated Desires is the third book in a series, right? How do you keep track of characters from one book to the next? Do the books share characters &/or themes?

BF: Yep, Fated Desires is the third book in what I loosely call the Trappers’ Cove series. Honestly, I keep my Kindle near my computer so I can spot check facts and guarantee a certain degree of continuity. Continuity errors have nearly ruined the X-men movies for me. Ha! Maggie and Aidan, the lovers from Fated Souls, are in every book. They are the glue that holds the series together.

LR: Cool. I love Maggie and Aidan! Changing direction a little, which book or author has influenced you the most? What is it about their work that grabs you?

BF: I’d have say Nora Roberts has probably influenced me the most. I read the bodice rippers back in the day and while I love myself a good hero, I never really connected with the heroines. Nora was probably the first author I can remember who wrote heroines I could respect. Strong and flawed women that gave as good as they got. That I could see myself reflected in (I may not be a hero, per se, but I’m definitely not a DID nor shrinking violet).

LR: I know you must get asked this a lot, but how do you find time to write when you’ve got a day job and family?

BF: I drink way too much coffee and get not nearly enough sleep. It is not easy. There are times I have to walk away from the computer and do the mom/wife thing. In the beginning, that was every time I had to choose between them and my writing. Then I taught myself it’s okay to say, “I’m doing this right now.” And I lean, a lot, on my husband. He cooks way more than he thinks he should have to. Ha!

LR: Ha! Same with my husband. I swear we wouldn't eat if he couldn't find his way around the kitchen. Now, next question...what’s your favorite non-writing activity? Like, are you a closet yoga fiend? Could you macramé a plant hanger if you had to? Do you secretly want to appear on America’s Got Talent?

BF: The obvious answer is reading. I’ve never met a writer who isn’t a voracious reader and who am I to buck a trend? But I’m guessing you weren’t asking about the obvious. I love to crochet: blankets, hats, scarves, socks, slippers, pillow covers, even amigurumi. I bought Nuance a while back so I could write and crochet simultaneously but my poor beleaguered laptop doesn’t have enough memory to support the software.

LR: (*raises crochet hook in solidarity*) What’s next on your writing horizon? Another Fated story? Or are you traveling back to the world of hot, sexy espionage?

BF: That is a harder question to answer than you might think. I’ve already got a rough start to the 4th books in both series and I have to choose which one to do first! Plus I have a tentative release date in October with Tirgearr Publishing, the edits on which I’ve yet to receive. And so many other story ideas I want to explore. 

LR: Do you have any writerly advice for my readers, maybe something you wish you had known early on in the game?

BF: You can’t take it personally. That’s way easier said than done. Between rejections, edits, reviews, sweet mother, you have to develop a hide or you’re going to quit before you even get started. The first time a manuscript came back full of deletions, corrections, suggestions – I cried for about five minutes, then I sucked it up and got to work.

Great advice, and great interview, Becky. Thanks so much for being on my blog today. 


Fated Desires
by Becky Flade

Jenna Gavin is searching for a fresh start and, more importantly, for balance. Her heart, and perhaps the hands of fate, have led her and her son to Trappers' Cove, Minnesota. Settling in the small, quirky town, she's not in the market for a casual relationship but finds herself in one with the young widower next door.

Former shortstop, Gabriel Foxx, is drawn to his difficult new neighbor. The more the prickly divorcee tries to keep him at arm's length, the more determined he is to break down her walls. He can't avoid the passion Jenna inspires and his friendship with Finn has him yearning for family, but Gabe won't allow himself to feel more.

When friendship grows complicated by stronger emotions and mutual desire just isn't enough, will love be worth the risk?

Enjoy the following excerpt from Fated Desires:

She had drifted closer to him. Or him to her. Jenna couldn’t be sure. But it would take only a shift of balance to touch her body to his. Life was about balance. And the shifting of worlds. In the space of a day her world had changed for better and for worse. She’d spent the previous nine years trying to find her balance again.
Jenna felt the familiar kick of desire. She’d never understood the girls who spoke of butterflies and stirrings. For her it was more akin to a donkey kick—pleasurable, sure, like the first jolt of caffeine in the morning and as sure and swift and strong. Her pulse sped up and she knew the vein in her neck would visibly pulse; it did when she was angry and when she was aroused. Gabe was sure to notice it. As she noticed his heart pounding against her palm in a rhythm she found seductive.
She raised her gaze from the back of her hand. His mouth was aligned with her own. She hadn’t realized how close in height they were. All she had to do was…shift.
“This is the longest conversation we’ve had.” Her voice was husky; she heard it, knew he would. He shifted, imperceptibly but she sensed it.
“Maybe this,” his voice was husky too, “is why.”
She thought she knew what he meant. The tension between them was awareness.
“The day we met I wanted to get close enough to see what color your eyes were. They’re gray. Like storm clouds. Perfect.”
Jenna could feel his breath on the flesh of her lips and her nipples tightened.
Finn’s shout was punctuated by his feet drumming down the stairs. Gabe brushed his lips over the curve of her cheek, his eyes conveying amused regret, and slipped out the back door, barely making a sound. Jenna grabbed the counter and breathed. She needed to settle herself before her son found his way to the kitchen.
What the hell?

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About the Author:
Home is where the heart is and I make mine with my very own knight in slightly tarnished armor in southeastern Pennsylvania. When I’m not busy living my own happily ever after, I’m writing about someone else’s.

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