Saturday, March 11, 2017

#MySexySaturday My Sexy Warrior

Hey, so I'm happy to be back with a #MySexySaturday post. TBH I went through a fairly long stretch where I wasn't feeling the sexy, but I'm better now. I've been busy, too. I spent a chunk of this week reworking my website. (Jump HERE to see it.) For the first time in years my blog is integrated with my website, and it makes me so happy.

An author's life is wild, y'all.

Irene and I are hard at work on the next novel in our Hours of the Night series. We haven't settled on a title yet, but hopefully it'll come clear soon. This is the fun part, where we're tossing scenes back and forth and the only pressure is how many words you can write in an hour. (The editing part might be slightly less fun, but that won't happen for a couple months.)

And finally, I've made a decision about one of my favorite projects ever. Aqua Follies is an m/m romance set in 1955 Seattle. I'm pretty sure I've teased it before in one of these Sexy Saturday posts, but expect to see more between now and the publication date in June. I'm tremendously excited to be working with a great editor, and to have control over cover art and promotion.

A mid-century romance might not exactly relate to the warrior theme, but I did find one scene that fits. We're in Skip's point of view here. He's got a crush on Russell, and the gang has gone out to see a rock n' roll show. Skip and Russell are in the parking lot, sneaking a sip from Skip's flask when they hear Russell's cousin cry for help. She's been dancing with the wrong boy...

With a click, Ryker opened a switchblade. “Funny how this extends my reach.”
            Swinging the branch, Skip took a step forward. The college boys all shifted back, even the one facing off with Russell. Skip might be slender and a little light in his boots, but anyone who grew up in Pioneer Square knew how to fight. He and Ryker moved into position on either side of Russell, and the college boys backed off.
            “We were just playing anyway.” One of them laughed like it was all a joke.
            “Didn’t sound like that to me,” Russell said. “I think you should apologize to my cousin.”
            “Your cousin’s a slut.”
            Skip wasn’t sure which one said it, but before anyone could respond, Russell took three big steps forward and put his fist into the middle guy’s belly. The boy dropped to his knees, and Russell stood over him. “Anyone else?”
            The other two beat feet, which didn’t surprise Skip. These candyass college boys were all show and no go. Susie ran up to Annette, with Russell right behind her. “I’m going to get the car,” Skip said to Ryker. “We gotta cut out.”


Thanks for checking out my little teaser! I don't have the cover art yet, but my Pinterest inspiration board will give you a visual. Also, make sure you drop by the other #MySexySaturday posts. There's a lot of fun stuff!


  1. "These candyass college boys were all show and no go." LIKE THAT! What a good descriptive scene. I could see it in my mind. ~smiles~

    1. Thanks Savanna! Glad you liked it. :)

  2. That was a good fight scene :) Really liked when Russell punched the guy in the gut. He deserved it!

    1. Right? Annette might be a bit of a tease, but their behavior was way out of line.

  3. Wow, great snippet Liv, well done!

  4. OMG that guy carries around a can of Whoop Ass! all the time doesn't he! Great excerpt!