Saturday, January 14, 2017

#MySexySaturday - My Sexy Stranger!

Annnnd...I'm back! I hope you all had a lovely holiday break. Me n' the family had some low key, mellow fun, and now we're back to our normal routine.

Which means another week of Sexy Saturday action!

This week's theme is My Sexy Stranger, and the snippet I've chosen is from Change of Heart, my novella that appeared in the NOLA Naughty Nine anthology last summer. The anthology had a limited run, and I'll be releasing Change of Heart in a few weeks. It's set in the same world as Vespers and Bonfire, but it's distant prequel to those stories and historic rather than paranormal.

The romantic pairing is different, too - f/trans-f instead of m/m.

In this snippet, Clara's working as a hat check girl at a nightclub in the French Quarter, and she has a bit of a crush on one of the other waitresses. Vaughn's not exactly a stranger, but they don't know each other nearly as well as Clara would like them to...


Vaughn, one of the cocktail girls, popped off the main floor. She was tall, with auburn hair and the prettiest collarbones I’d ever seen. When I thought about doing bad things, her lovely face often came to mind.

She’d dolled up her black uniform dress with a jade scarf pinned at her throat by a marcasite brooch, and she carried her drink tray lightly no matter how many high balls were crowded on it. “What’s that?” she asked, tipping her head in the direction of the note.

Teasing myself, and maybe teasing her too, I rubbed the edge of the still-unopened envelope against my lips, marking it with a peony pink stripe. “Don’t know.”

“Open it, you nut.” Vaughn barely had to breathe to make my pulse flutter.

Maybe I should have learned a lesson from falling in love with my best friend, but I wanted to kiss her—especially when she smiled from under her bangs, her lips painted ruby red and her brows arched in perfect curves. Sometimes the way Vaughn’s gaze melted into me gave me the notion she shared my interest. I just didn’t know how to ask her.

I flicked the flap with my fingernail. Who would be sending me something? I pinched my lips to swallow the flutter of nerves. “Someone stuck this one down good.”

“Quick. I gotta get out on the floor.” A smile flickered at the corners of her mouth, and her hazel eyes glowed.

I peeled the flap open and slid out a notecard. On the inside of the card, someone had drawn a lovely, very detailed picture.

A picture of me. “Well, I’ll be.” 


Thanks so much for checking out my post! If you're intrigued, Change of Heart is available now through the publication date of 3/1/17 at a preorder price of $0.99! Or, if you're so inclined, it'll be on Netgalley in a week or so. Thanks again!

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  1. oooh - who sent the picture? Is this a good thing? Or a bad thing? Good cliff hanger there. Tweeted.

    1. Aw now, I can't give it away. :)
      Thanks for checking out the post, and for the tweet!

  2. That was a lovely intriging snippet... and beautifully written.

  3. Interesting. I missed the set, but hope to read more of this.

  4. Beautiful writing and you're a total tease. :D

    1. I've been called worse things. (lol!)

  5. exquisitely written, very tempting!!

  6. Great snippet, Liv, and great teaser for the upcoming cover!

    1. Thanks Lucy! I purchased the cover art, and the curtain is one I made with Gimp. Took a little bit of figuring, but I'm real happy with the result. Thanks again!