Saturday, September 24, 2016

#MySexySaturday - Sexy Has It's Way

Ooh lala! Sexy has it's way? What a fun theme! And I have just the snippet to share. It's, um, raunchy - raunchier than my usual, anyway - and it features Trajan and David, from my hopefully upcoming m/m paranormal Golden Wolf. Trajan's a vampire, David's a werewolf, and this is a new stage in their relationship...(Also, this is barely edited, so apologies for any grammatical craziness.)

Trajan Gall is done. He’s been a vampire since 1875, but two years ago when his lover was killed, he gave up. He’s ready to walk into the sun, and only a nick-of-time phone call from his maker stops him. Reluctantly, Trajan agrees to a week of bodyguard duty for the son of the US Alpha werewolf.

David Collins is the Alpha’s son, and he’s nothing like Trajan expected. He’s short and slight, with bleached blond hair and a preference for heels and furs and lipstick. David’s also pretty clear about his goals for his one-week vacation. He plans to do unmentionable things with forgettable men, and despite himself, Trajan wants to volunteer.

But they barely make each other’s acquaintance when the shooting starts. Can a vampire with a death wish save a sexy little shifter with a target on his back?

I loom over him, barely giving him time to get his legs around before I’m flattening him on the bed, one thigh jammed between his legs. “Don’t move,” I whisper.

He’s breathing fast, little jerky breaths that take me even higher. I tear his jeans off, making him whimper when I catch the sensitive bits. Don’t care. His tank shirt is even easier; I rip it down the middle and latch onto one nipple, sucking and biting, not gentle at all. My incisors ache with want, but I’m determined only to scratch one itch.

“Fuck.” His gives a strangled cry, his hands tangling in my hair.

I grab them again, stretching him out till he groans. “I said don’t move.”

“God damn.” He comes close to a whimper.

I pin his wrists with one hand and jam my thumb in his mouth, hips rocking against his belly. He sucks, his eyes blown black behind the blue contacts. “That’s right, pretty baby,” I say. He teases the pad of my thumb with his tongue. “You gonna suck me like that when it’s my cock in your mouth?”

His cheeks hollow and the pull on my thumb has me gritting my teeth. For a second I’m torn. I don’t want to let go of his wrists, because I like the way his body’s holding onto some tension, as if he’s half-tempted to fight. And I don’t want to pull my thumb out of his mouth because the way he’s sucking it could make me cum in my jeans.

I decide there are better uses for his pretty mouth and reach for my fly. In moments I’ve got both hands on his forearms, my cock poised at his lips. “You did say every orifice.”


Also, while you're here - and if you like vampires - you should check out my newest release, Vespers.
I cowrote this one with Irene Preston, and we're both real happy with what we came up with. (Also, I totally have a crush on Cover Art Dude.)

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    1. Thanks my dear. The rest is still out with beta readers, but I didn't ping you b/c I just hit you wit that other project. That could change, though, if you're interested....


  2. Ooh lala indeed! Tell your beta readers to hurry up.

  3. Woohoo! This what they mean by unbridled passion :)

    1. There's definitely some energy between these two.

  4. Wow, very hot stuff, Liv. Well done!

  5. My eyes popped out in a good, hot way with that snippet. I really like the creative sex play, too.