Saturday, August 27, 2016

#MySexySaturday My Sexy Beast?

The theme for this week's #MySexySaturday post is My Sexy Beast. Tbh, I haven't paid all that much attention to the themes for these posts, but I've been working on a fun little m/m shifter story, so I thought I'd share 7(ish) paragraphs here. We're in Trajan's point of view - he's a vampire - and he's stuck with playing bodyguard for a cocky werewolf named David. Trajan's just been shot with silver buckshot, and is perhaps learning that shifters have their uses...

Also, this doesn't have a title yet, but I'm calling it Sad Vampire (lol!).

He puts a hand on the center of my chest and pushes me. I take a step. His eyes are the clear green-blue of the ocean on a cloudless day, still smudged with khol. He backs me into my room, doesn’t stop till my legs hit the bed. “What are you—”

“Shush.” He gives me another shove and I sit down. Then he straddles me, tracing circles over the smooth skin of my chest. “Don’t scream.”

Before I can respond, he forms a single claw from his index finger. He slices into one of the white scars, a look of intense concentration on his face, and then he flicks the silver pellet onto the bedspread.

I don’t scream, but it’s a very near thing.

He bends close, his expression even more focused. His breath is warm and he licks, a single smooth stroke, clearing away the blood. My skin has healed before he finishes.

“There.” His grin is brief, a flash of lightening. Catching his lower lip in his teeth, he finds another scar.

I grab his wrist. “Wait.”

“Sorry.” He jerks his hand free and digs in. His touch burns. Another silver pellet falls free. This time he hums as he cleans the wound.

“They told me vampire blood was freaky good.”


Yeah, these two are fun to write, and I'm pretty sure it's going to take a while to get to the end of their story. Meanwhile, check out the fantastic cover art Irene and I scored for our upcoming release, Vespers

Vespers is still at the fabulous pre-order price of $0.99, so check it out!

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  1. Awesome cover! And the snippet is pretty cool too. I hope you share more from the story.

    1. Thanks Alexis! I have quite a crush on Hooded Dude from the cover.

  2. This snip is freaky good!
    Stunning cover for Vespers, too.

  3. I really like how you imagined this scene, and the characterization of the two men.