Saturday, August 13, 2016

#MySexySaturday Here Comes Sexy!!

Hello again! I'm back with another 7-sentence teaser from Change of Heart, my novella in the NOLA Naughty Nin9 anthology. This week, Vaughn and Clara are sharing a sexy little moment that leads to much more....(which you'll have to read for yourself, because I don't want to give too much

          Finally, our plates were empty, and we ran out of things to say. Finally, I cleared the table and washed the dishes while she cracked jokes to keep me laughing. And finally, I had my arm around Vaughn’s waist, intent on helping her climb the stairs, while the radio played a romantic serenade to send us on our way.
Halfway up, she stopped me.
“Do you need a breather?” I asked.
“No.” Her eyes were luminous in the moonlight. “I can’t take another step without kissing you.”

Momma says a body reaps what they sow, and Clarabelle’s planted the seeds of trouble. The year is 1933, and not much else is growing in the Oklahoma dirt. Clarabelle’s gone and fallen in love with her best friend, so she figures it's time to go out and see the world. 

If she’s lucky, she’ll find the kind of girl who'll kiss her back. 

Clarabelle heads for New Orleans, and that's where she meets Vaughn. Now, Vaughn's as pretty as can be, but she's hiding something. When she gets jumped by a pair of hoodlums, Clarabelle comes to her rescue and accidentally discovers her secret. She has to decide whether Vaughn is really the kind of girl for her, and though Clarabelle started out a dirt-farming Okie, Vaughn teaches her just what it means to be a lady. 

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NOLA Naughty Nin9 still has a preorder price of $0.99, which is a fantastic deal and will only last till Monday 8/15, so GRAB IT now!! And then, jump on over to the next stop on the blog hop. There's a lot of good stuff this week!


And don't forget VESPERS is coming soon....

Killing demons may save his soul, but keeping the faith will cost him his heart.

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