Monday, March 16, 2015

Seven Things

Euphorbia against brick - cool plant, perfect spot.

My good friend Debbie Christiana graciously nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award, which is really just an excuse for me to overshare.

(Trust me. When you see what's on my list, you'll be all, "Liv, seriously...")

The Very Inspiring Blogger award has a couple rules:
  • Display the award on your blog. Makes me wonder if this is some kind of virus I'm spreading.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you. To strengthen the connection between host and spawn.
  • State seven things about yourself. To give the virus more ammunition.
  • Nominate ___ bloggers, link to them, and notify them of their nomination. To further disburse the virus into the environment.
(You know I'm kidding about the virus thing, right? The only thing I'm spreading here is laughter and positive energy.)

I always follow the rules...

And now for the part where I things you didn't know about me...

#1 If I have to write in pen, I prefer a medium-tip ballpoint, because I have a heavy, loopy script. I use pencil whenever I can get away with it, because I make a lot of mistakes. White-out tape is my friend.

I grabbed my cojones & used Sharpie marker for this one so it would show up.

#2 I always thought this song should be cooler than it is. I mean, when I heard Prince and Madonna were singing a duet, I was so excited. This song is interesting, but I didn't want interesting, I wanted to have my mind blown.

#3 I've always wanted to sing like Annie Lennox and dress like Madonna.

#4 Besides writing and singing, I like to crochet and garden. In fact, crochet is the best thing since cigarettes for keeping my hands busy. I have to restrain myself, or I'd cover just about everything in crochet.
Can't take credit for this one - it was made by someone called the Dapper Toad.

#5 See how sneaky I am? There's more than one fun fact in #4. Besides crochet, I mentioned smoking, because for some fifteen years I engaged in that dirty habit. Most everyone in the '80s did. Sort of like sleeping around, but different...

#6 I mentioned gardening too, although right  now my garden is sort of a mess. It's too cold and damp to do much about it....

But then, this is happening next to my driveway, so there's that...

#7 It seems to me it's impossible to control the timing on the things you want the most. When will you mean the person of your dreams? When will you get pregnant? When will the little bugger be born? Will my kids grow up happy and healthy? 

Will I finish this project and will my agent like it and will an editor buy it?

Don't know, Liv. Try and be patient.

You'd think that after fifty years, I'd have internalized this lesson, but I still find myself blinking in surprise whenever I'm stuck in a holding pattern.  If anyone has any ideas for how to make the waiting easier, throw 'em down in the comments. Please.

Well there you go. Seven fairly random things about me. Now, out of respect for the rules - and to spread the virus to another level - I'm going to tag a couple other bloggers...
  • Irene Preston (because I know she's afraid of eyelash curlers and she used to run a haunted house and I very much want to learn five more things about her.)
  • Margaret Madigan and Melissa McCain (because I want to see how the team approach works for this challenge.)
  • Mike Schulenberg (because dude, you don't blog enough, and now you won't have an excuse not to.)
  • Amanda K Byrne (because she regularly inspires me...and kicks me in the ass...and sends me links to books I ought to buy...and....)
Have fun with your posts, gang. That's all for me today. Peace out.


  1. Now there's a coincidence. I, too, smoked cigarettes for about 15 years. I managed to give them up an undisclosed number of years ago ;)

    And thanks for the tag. I think I may have actually done this one before, but it would've been long enough ago that I've probably developed another seven things since then.

  2. Curiouser and curiouser...I have to think my fifteen years predates your fifteen years by some undisclosed amount of time. But how much time? Hmmm...

  3. Probably not that much time. I am, after all, slightly older than the other college kids ;)

  4. Well? Did you buy the book yet? It IS out fact, I may buy it myself.

  5. Amanda honey, I can't see the top of my TBR pile as it is. Shit.
    And only slightly, Mike. Only slightly.

  6. Is that your handwriting? You have beautiful handwriting!

    I smoked, you smoked, we all smoked, LOL - It's how was 'back then…"

    I can't wait to garden, but I still have about a foot and a half of snow on my yard - except over the septic tank - and pretty big snow piles on my driveway. But it is melting, so I'm hopeful.

    Great list, Liv, you've done the Award justice :)

  7. That is my handwriting. Thank you! It sounds like your spring will be a month late, while mine has started a month early. Crazy stuff!

  8. Yeah, everyone did smoke in the 80's, even those of us who don't smoke. It was just a thing you did in clubs and late-night parties. (You can all assume I was TOTALLY UNDERAGE during those 80s parties)

  9. Underage. Yeah. You must have been just a child in those days...

  10. I didn't smoke, but I did enjoy this post, Liv :-) I, too, expected the Madonna-Prince duet to be, well, hotter.

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  12. Ha! I knew I wasn't the only one, Dariel. I always figured they both had such big egos, they couldn't fit into the same recording studio.
    Thanks for checking in!