Saturday, June 30, 2012

True Blood vs Southern Vampire Mysteries Throwdown #3

(I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the fabulous Laird at Memphis McKay has totally overhauled my website ( and it's new and amazing and I love it. The part I have mixed feelings about is that we've built a new blog on the website, and I'll be leaving Blogger behind. Please check out my new site, and if you're one of the lovely Rancourtesans who has been following through Google, you can easily hook up the RSS feed or email to the new site. I'll be posting here for the next couple weeks to allow time for the transition. Thanks so very much!)

Good morning, my lovely Rancourtesans. I'm sitting at a Starbucks on the shores of the lovely Lake Chelan, trying to get a quick blog post done before the husband comes to full consciousness and decides it's time to pack the motor home and go home.
Today is the third post in the True Blood vs Southern Vampire Mysteries throw-down. If you've been playing along, you'll remember that Kristin McFarland and I have been sharing posts for the last couple weeks - she provides excellent and thought-provoking insights on True Blood, and I cover the written series. In the first post we talked in broad strokes about our likes and dislikes (check it on on her blog HERE) and last week we sliced and diced Sookie (on my blog HERE).

This week's post is back on Kristin's blog. I'm going to share the first bit to whet your appetite and give you a link so you can jump over to see the rest of the post. And if you're here from the AvD blog hop, welcome. I couldn't figure out the sticky thing, but my demon-loving post is HERE.
Y'all have a great day!

LR: Which brings up the subject of Pam. Of all the casting choices Alan Ball made, she’s my least favorite, because the book Pam was more like Alice In Wonderland with fangs. She’s also Sookie’s only vampire friend. What do you think of Pam? Is she a friend to Sookie?

KM: NO. She is not Sookie’s friend. I think I can say that pretty emphatically. I like Pam a lot (I think she’s hilarious, and a friend once told me I look like her, so that gives me a soft spot for her), but she’s definitely Eric’s henchwoman. She repeatedly gets pissed at Eric for putting the pair of them in danger on Sookie’s behalf. She’s definitely an ‘us-versus-the-world’ kind of gal....

Now go HERE to check out the rest of the post. We get Eric into blue and pink lycra...just sayin'...

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