Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fun: The Altini Edition (recipe included)

It's a sunny day in Seattle, which means summer might be over in less than 24 hours. Summers are short here, you know?                
The Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls

And so, my happy Rancourtesans, Noni & I decided that today we'd drink a toast to the sun. I asked Noni for her favorite cocktail recipe, and she agreed to share. I know (from personal experience!) that it's a good one. Here's Noni...

Okay: this is possibly my favorite cocktail ever, and I made it up myself. I came up with is as part of an auction donation for Choral Arts, so chose to call it the Altini. Which, also appropriate for you and me and how we met, no?

*Yes! squeels the uber-choir-geek*

This involves some special ingredients, but they're readily available...and the Pama will last a really long time and is also fabulous in champagne, or just with fizzy water.

2 parts regular vodka (I like Ketel One if I'm feeling flush, Monopolowa if I'm not)
1 part Stoli Vanil (I'm kind of a snob about this; the cheaper brands are too sweet)
1/2 to 1 part Pama (pomegranate liqueur -- and again, don't buy the knockoff, because it's disgusting)
1 part fresh lime juice

Put in a shaker with lots of ice, shake it like you mean it (possibly even involving your moneymaker), and serve up with a lime wedge in a pretty princess glass. If it's too tart, add more Pama. 
And there you have it. The lemon garnish in the picture should be a lime (darned public domain!) but you get the general idea. I hope it's sunny and warm where you are, and that there's a cool beverage (maybe an Altini?) by your side.


  1. Oooh, this sounds delicious! Might it replace my favorite summertime cocktail, the mojito? I'll have to stock up and find out. :)

  2. You'll have to let me know if you like it, Tami. Better yet, maybe next time you're in Seattle, Noni can make one for both of us!

  3. I'm totally gonna try much is booze now that it's not State regulated? *cringe*

  4. Don't know, Shannon, but the husband and Noni were whining about it last night, so I think that prices have gone up. Mostly a beer drinker myself...unless Noni's pouring...