Hey, y’all. Noni here.

I’m just checking in to tell you that Friday Fun will be moving to Saturday this week. Liv’s alter ego has worked approximately eleventy-hundred hours at her real-world job this week, and she is, as she put it, “somewhere beyond tired.” So now she’s going seepy night night for a while.

But never fear, Rancourtesans. Tonight she and I will sit down over (wait for it) a cocktail or two, and craft a razor-sharp, painfully witty blog post for your Saturday morning amusement.

Failing that, we’ll sit around and eat chips and giggle like fools at stuff the 12-year old says and find something to throw onto the blog at the eleventh hour.

But there’ll be something for you to see. Pinky swear.

Have a lovely Friday, dear ones, and thank you for your continued support of my darling Liv.