Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterback: Team Sophia recap

So when I put the first Team Sophia post on the blog on March 4th, there was about $35 in the donations-only bank account that's dedicated to her. Right now, there's just under $1750. And I'm not even joking (to borrow a phrase from my daughter). That's huge, people. Like, we've covered two airfares for the nurses Sophia needs to make the trip to Hawaii. Some of the people who donated know Sophia and her mother Stacey, but just about as many do not. You've read about Sophia here, and felt motivated to do something to help. That's about as awesome, and humbling, as anything I can imagine.

Thank you.


Tuesday morning...I'm adding a comment from Stacey that she posted to Facebook last night...
"Humbled beyond belief at the generosity of friends and strangers. As of today, enough funds have been raised to send 1/2 of Sophia's nursing staff to Hawaii with us when we travel there in June. There is something so powerful about a 3 year old child being able to pull people together in such a magical way. Sure, Hawaii is great, and we all need the respite, but bigger than that is the love that pours freely from and to such a child."


  1. Bless her heart; she is rockin' that hat and shades combo! Every time I see her pic, it brings a smile to my face. I can't wait to hear about her adventures on the big island of Hawaii!

  2. That is so awesome, Liv! The quote from Sophia's mom gave me chills. When people come together, great things can surely happen. Kudos to you for posting this and giving people a chance to meet Sophia and help out.

  3. Hearing from people who were touched by Sophia's story, and knowing that it made them smile, makes the little effort it takes SO worthwhile.
    Thanks Elaine & Tami, for being part of Team Sophia!