Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterback - Team Sophia edition

So this was a great weekend. Got the daughter registered for highschool - at the school of her dreams - and she's really excited about it. And you all got to meet Sophia and her mother Stacey. With your help, over $400 was donated in the Team Sophia Paypal account, which is a big step towards making it possible for Sophia and Stacey and their team of nurses to travel to Hawaii to see Sophia's grandma. That's really cool, you guys, and very much appreciated. I wanted to make sure all of you got to see the comment Stacey left on Saturday's post, so here it is again:

Wow. The power of the human spirit! I am SO moved and touched by the flood of positive thoughts, donations, prayers, and words of encouragement! More than anything, I wish you all could experience "The Soph"...she is magic. She wakes, never having ill feelings or resentment from the day before, she greets each day with a heart that only welcomes all who love her. She has the world's greatest smile, and her giggle that appears every few days is enough for you to believe in miracles. Thank you for this new family of love and support!
Sophia Grace and Stacey
March 4, 2012 9:13 PM

I swear we're going to keep this energy going. Every couple weeks I'll post an update on Sophia and let you guys know how much good you're doing with your donations. It doesn't have to be a large dollar amount - the cost of a double tall skinny vanilla mocha with hot steam and whip will do a lot towards making Sophia's dream a reality. The Paypal button's going to stay on the blog, as will the Team Sophia page where all the updates will be collected. With all the bad news there is in this world, it is humbling to see the good side of human nature, the side that reaches out to a little girl who needs the help. Thank you.

(ps...if you've got a minute, check out today's stop on the Proudly Paranormal Blog JD Brown)


  1. $400?! That's incredible! What a great fan base you have! Blessings to all who gave from their hearts...

  2. Hey, it's Sophia's fan base, not mine. And I thought you were spelling your name Nonee this week?

  3. You're an angel, Liv. Keep the love going.

  4. Thanks, Cora. It's definitely a team effort!