Monday, February 6, 2012

Madonna comes in second

So they played a football game yesterday. Did you notice? The only part I paid any attention to was the halftime show. I was at work, and while they don't pay me to watch football, I did seriously want to see Madonna, and the babies cooperated with my plan. A bunch of us were able to sneak away and watch, and it was awesome! So very cool. But that got me thinking about which was the best Super Bowl Halftime show I've ever seen. Madonna was very good, but I couldn't give her Number One. I came up with my top three, and for better or for worse, thought I'd share them with you.

#3. 2001 - Aerosmith with Britney and 'N Synch and Nelly and Mary J Blige (and anyone else in the house who could play an instrument). This one topped them all for the WTF factor alone. Why is that person on stage? and how did THEY get in? But they were all having a blast, and it was really fun to watch. I should preface that statement by saying that I was in a hospital call room, and I think I'd been taking a nap (in anticipation of a night spent chasing after deliveries) and I woke up just in time for the show, but my sleep-fogged brain really couldn't make much sense out of what I was seeing on the antique 24" TV. I do remember that watching Britney sing a verse of Walk This Way (a song that might have been written with her in mind) was surely something.

#2 2012 - Madonna with M.I.A., Cee Lo Green, LMFAO and Nicki Minaje (and some guy who could dance on a wire). Madge, you rock. There, I've said it. I've been a huge Madonna fan  since since 1982 when Borderline topped the Honolulu radio playlist. And you know what my first thought was when she was walking like an Egyptian all over the center of the stage yesterday? Wow, I hope the Black Eyed Peas are taking notes, because it is possible to put on a dance-influenced extravaganza without having it look like a mess. Seriously, though, I loved the songs she chose and I loved her dancers and I loved that she dressed her age (more or less) and I just loved the whole damned thing. And Gaga, I hope you took some notes too cuz someday it's going to be your turn.

So what could possibly top that? Only my other 1980's musical idol. I'll give you a hint.

Don't scroll down yet. You know you can guess who it is.

Okay, scroll...

#1 2007 - Prince. I can't remember if he had any guests on the stage or not. He sure didn't need them. Just a man and his guitar in his do-rag tempting fate by playing in the pouring rain on the biggest stage on earth. I cried. I've since looked on the interwebs to try to find a video, without any luck. It'll just have to live on in my heart as one of the coolest musical moments I can think of. 

Now what was your favorite Super Bowl Halftime show?

Giving credit where credit is due:
2001 Halftime show photo:

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  1. I remember Prince's halftime show! I loved Madonna - I thought she was great. Possibly #1 for me. I remember how disappointing U2 was....they could have done better. I do NOT remember your #3 at all. LOL

  2. Heh. April, you were probably 13 years old the year that Aerosmith did the halftime show. That's why you don't remember it.
    Thanks for checking out the blog!

  3. Although everyone else in my house are football fans -- me, not so much. I catch tidbits here and there, and the occasional halftime show. I did see Madonna this year and she was great, but ... and this is weird to admit ... the halftime show that I recall the best is one I never even saw when it happened. Yep, you guessed it, the Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake debacle -- which I saw over and over on all the bazillion news reports afterward. Nuts!

  4. You know, my only thought regarding the Janet Jackson performance was that Justin Timberlake may be the only musician to have performed twice at the Halftime show. He performed in 2001 with 'N Synch, and again with Janet. You're right, though, Barbara. It's that last one that people usually remember...

  5. I remember looking forward to the Who...because I was far too young (read: not even born) to have seen them back in their heyday, and being monstrously disappointed. Personally, I was a little disappointed with Madonna. She used to dance up a storm, and this time? Not so much. And I was so shocked that M.I.A was on stage with her!

  6. We were in Australia the year The Who played, and my complaint with them was the same as my complaint with all the other old white guys (The Stones, Tom Petty, and to a lesser extent U2). I really didn't need to see close-ups of their old mugs in high-def. Really. Craggy, wrinkled, worn-out looking old dudes. Except, Tom Petty did kinda look like he was laughing at the whole thing, which was funny.
    Thanks for checking in, Amanda!