Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coming Home Freebie!

Hey! My friend April Plummer is offering her new book, Coming Home, for free on Amazon for the next couple of days. You can get the e-version now, or the paperback will be available from Amazon soon. Check it out here, or look for April on her blog, April Plummer - Heart of the World.



 Coming Home - Free on Amazon for 3 Days!

Today, tomorrow, and Thursday, I'm taking advantage of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing and giving my book away free to Kindle users!

Get your copy of Coming Home here, a women's fiction story about learning to trust, learning to love, and finding peace through an unknown past.

For years, eighteen-year old Isabela Fuentes worked two jobs to support her promiscuous, alcoholic mother.

After the latest boyfriend rapes her at knife point, Isabela throws her few possessions into her car and drives until she reaches Lakeside, Montana, twenty-five hundred miles from New York City’s suffocating smog.

As her bodily scars fade, she takes solace in the nature around her and records it in her sketch pad. It isn't until she begins sketching scenes from her rape that she learns to cope with what happened.

But leaving her mother behind to fend for herself might have been a mistake; and when two strangers appear on her doorstep claiming to be her dead grandparents, they threaten the fragile childhood memories.  Before she can rebuild her life, Isabela must decide to either let her past go or unite it with the woman she’s become.


  1. Thank you so much for the free offer. Congrats on the release!

  2. Intriguing! I'm so looking forward to falling into this book, and the opportunity of a free copy is surely appreciated. My only regret is that I have some essential reading to plow through first, before I can get to the golden nugget of "Coming Home."
    Nice visiting here with you, girls

  3. Thanks for visiting, Barbara & Lynn. Coming Home's in my TBR pile, too.