Monday, January 2, 2012

This is not a love song

Back in about 1991 Prince and Madonna recorded a duet called Love Song that appeared on her Like A Prayer album. Listen to it, and you'll hear them repeat the phrase "This is not a love song" a whole bunch of times, while the verses describe their complicated relationship. Which can be tangentally linked to this post. This is not a New Years post.

Sort of.

I've read some lovely blog posts in the last two days, particularly one by my friend The Freeway Diva, where she dissects the last year and finds some pretty wonderful things. I'm more in the mood to dissect some of the recent pictures of Prince that I found when I was looking for the video of Love Song (the link's in the first paragraph). He might have had some work done. D'ya think?

On New Years Eve I sang the 5pm Mass and blew the dust off the Marian Litany, which isn't something you've likely heard unless you're a total Gregorian chant nerd. It's a meditative, possibly monotonous, chunk of chant, and I meant it to be a little pool of peace for those who were heading out for a night of champagne and fireworks. I'm still holding on to a bit of that peace, and hoping the Peeps from the Pews are too.

Then New Years Day I got to take the puppy out before I left for work. At 6 o'clock in the morning, the back yard was so quiet it made my ears ring. Even the freeway - which is a mile or so from our house -  barely made a hum. Of course, I had to divide my time between wallowing in the quiet and wondering why in hell the puppy won't pee in the grass if it's at all wet. We live in Seattle, dog. Get over it.

So that's my life on this New Years Night. The sublime - the family and friends and moments of beauty - and the monotonous, the ridiculous, the puppy. Not necessarily in that order.

Wouldn't trade a thing.

If I was the type to take stock, I'd marvel at the fact that people are interested in my writing and that my husband and I are still married and that my kids are so tall and strong and beautiful. But I'm more the type to buy the newest issue of People Magazine, to figure out how all those people lost half their body weight. I need some of what they're having. And I hope you and yours are safe and warm and laughing this New Years Night.


  1. I'm glad you liked it!

    And I'll spare my food evangelism for another time...

  2. I could learn from your evangelical leanings, Diva. And thanks for taking a look at Only the Lonely!

  3. Beauty comes in many forms. Quiet moments, living husbands, strong kids and Prince!!!

  4. You saw him in person, DB. Don't you think he's had work done?