Thursday, November 10, 2011

Glee boycott

So this  is a bit of a rant.  Last week I saw something that's still bugging me.  It was a new Glee commercial using music from Mozart's Requiem Mass.  This may mark me as old or stodgy or a hopeless church choir geek, but really?  Somehow you think The Requiem bears any relationship to a TV series that arguably has seen better days?  It just kills me.

To back up a step, for years I sang in the choir at our neighborhood Cathedral, with a choir director who seemed to know Mozart personally.  Okay, Mr. Director was a teensy bit crazy, but he was an amazing teacher.  When we'd rehearse The Requiem, he'd tell us how Mozart knew he was near the end of his life, and how he struggled to complete the Mass before he died.  He didn't make it.  The way Mr. Director told it, you could see the failing composer working frantically by candlelight, composing one of the single greatest works in the choral repertoire.  And now he's selling Glee.  He's sold cars before, too.  Totally pisses me off.

There should be a law against using works of great religious significance for TV commercials.  Orff's Carmina Burana is another piece you'd likely recognize, whether or not you know jack about choral music.  Anyway, that's my bitch and I'm sticking to it.  Peace,

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