Friday, November 18, 2011

Each one cuter than the last...

Yesterday I read The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay. I'd never heard of this author and I can't even really remember how the book ended up on my Kindle, but I'm so glad it did. Charlie is a kick-ass heroine, and the book's roller-coaster plot and strong heart made for a really fun read.

And her men were HOT. First she introduced Hank, an otherworldly siren who's Charlie's partner. Okay, whenever an author starts describing a man in terms of his lion-like good looks, I'm like, sign me up for that safari. Then there's Will, Charlie's ex-husband who owns a construction company. My own Dear Husband is in construction, so I have a total thing for a guy with a little dust on his jeans and paint on his hands.  

Aaron is a mage with glossy black hair. The first time she met him, they were in a public bath and he was...all there in the open. I knew Charlie was a stronger woman than I'll ever be when she had a conversation with him and kept her eyes on his face the whole time.  And Carreg is a powerful otherworldly guy with dark good looks and perfect suits. He plays the grey zone between good and evil. 

The book is the first of three in this urban occult series.  It isn't a romance, and none of the men were really presented as Charlie's love interest, which made the possibilities all that much more intriguing.  I'm not doing any of them justice here, but believe me that the imaginary eye candy definitely added to the reading experience.  I may be getting old, but I'm still the girl whose high school classmates voted the student most likely to get arrested for attacking the 7th Fleet...

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